About Enermove

Enermove relies on its people. Energy and Movement are our inspiring principles but also the pillars on which we build our strategy and our organization.

Geographic footprint.

Enermove is an Italian company which operates exclusively internationally, with specific focus in the areas of Middle East and Africa. This approach follows a clear strategic choice, as we believe that only a dedicated focus can lead to success in a part of the world where Energy brings large opportunities and severe peculiarities.

Passion to measure.

The science of measuring is passion for us. Enermove relies on the long experience of its people in the field of Fluid and Gas measuring. Wherever this science is applied, in a power plant or in refinery or in oil terminal, the measurement of Fuel is always the most crucial step. On the accuracy of this step depends the success or the failure of large investments. Leaving this critical element away from the expertise of professional suppliers is one the biggest risks that a business organization may run.

Flexibility, Modularity, Success.

There isn’t a single business model for Enermove. The only model which works for us is the one fitting our customer business model. Our philosophy moves from the principle that value added is the key. For this reason, our approach is instrumental to the customer business model. From a panel of integrated engineering services to the entire process of skid fabrication, test and site commissioning, from very basic automated solutions to the highest degree of customisation, the value delivered by Enermove needs only to match with customer value.


Responsiveness is a key element of Enermove philosophy. We learned that in this changing world that promptness is not enough to serve customers with excellence. At Enermove, our organization is shaped upon a working method combining rapidity and accuracy as the successful mix  in the customer expectations.

Different cultures for a common development

At Enermove we believe that the differences enrich the individual attitude. We continuously strive to mix the talent of our human capital with the talent of our partners. Upon this mix, our path for a common development relies.