Enermove Services

If you are looking for a partner in the field of Engineering Solutions in Oil, Gas and Water Treatment, Enermove is a suitable choice, always. We are inspired by the firm statement that each project has to be followed with dedication from the very beginning through the three main ‘’In steps’’:


No copy & past philosophy

Unlike the more common approach, Enermove allocates an outstanding effort to the RFQ process.
At Enermove, we believe the RFQ process is to be inspired by a proactivity rather than reactivity.
Although within the inviolable Project specifications boundaries, we firmly believe that best technical solution has to be identified at the earliest stage and shared with customer in a mutual and continuous understanding of benefits and feasibility.

A Taylor-made solutions begins from Day 1

In the Metering Systems field, no project can be replicated as it is. The environmental conditions, the chemical properties of the the specific fuel to be measured, the measurement technology to be used are just few example of how external factors can heavily impact on the technical solution to be adopted. A solution really customised begins from a deep understanding of projects specifications, long before any execution stage. Our experience tells that the largest sources of customer cost saving or efficiency increase, in the short as well as in the long term resides in the way the technical proposal has been developed.

Technical Alignment

We see the TBE phase as another outstanding source of differentiation. At Enermove, we live this step as a moment of real sharing of knowledge and competences with our Customers. Our experience tells that the best technical solutions have been originated by this open and constructive exchange of ideas and solutions.

Passion for On Time Execution

Once the order is in house, the attention moves towards a flawless project execution. At Enermove, execution does not mean purely fabricating. We learned well that Customer needs to be reassured that the full project will flow smoothly. Our capabilities in project management allows to find the successful compromise between pragmatism, effectiveness and commitment.

Project documentation provision

We recognise the critical role of this step all along the project execution. We are inspired to a principle of proactivity and achievement when approaching this process. We have shaped our way of working by continuously supporting our customers in their own approval process from the End User. We never position ourselves as an easy third party observer, but, conversely, we keep stay beside our customer.

Test and Quality

There is no Enermove project. There are only Customers Projects. Even if not included in the commercial obligation, our Customers, End User or Third Parties are always welcome to visit our premises and check the result of what we have done. We always enjoy the inspection of our Customers as, according to our experience, it’s every time a moment of sincere celebration of a long road run together.

Project Management

At Enermove we try to make Project Management not an empty word or an academic discipline. While we apply the rigorous principles of this matter, we never leave the formalities assuming more importance than an effective and committed respect of project schedule.

Commission and Start up… not enough

At Enermove we took a simple lesson: people on field is different. Who is working on site has to face working, operative and environmental conditions that not always can be predicted during the design stage of the project. Despite everyone’s effort, things on the field always require to be looked with the eyes of who will utilize the system on a daily base.

Training as a source of improvement

For this reason, we never limit our actions on field to a pure start of the system. The return on the investment made by our Customer relies on the proper working of the our system…and an appropriate use of the system depends on its fully understanding from who is every day on the site. They are the people who more than everybody else can help us to better develop our solutions and make Enermove the first choice always.

Permanent Training campaign

In accordance with this philosophy, we launched the concept of permanent training. Based on our experience, severe environmental condition may lead to an high turnover of the site personnel. Our permanent training program help the Plant Management to stay focused on their current activities while keeping the operators always trained on the system working procedures.

Ownership: Maintenance & Accuracy over the time

A system on site belongs to our Customer. Nevertheless we feel the responsibility to support our solutions over the years. We are committed to verifying with our Customers the performance of our solutions. For this reason, at Enermove we provide continued and updated plan of preventive maintenance,  on site calibration services and Spare Parts logistics.